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You are so versatile, he looks very funky! xx


oh, you are a legend- coming up with a men's piece! it's so styley!


This is a very cool blokey top!!! I have just read your fantastic tutorial in World Sweet World, can't wait to get me a sewing machine so can have a go....

I was interested to read that you are making your clothes as a way to pay for Uni, that is so great. Are you actually studying midwifery now or os this a future plan?? Sorry for being nosey it is just that studying midwifery is also in my '5 year plan' and I was really inspired by how you are using your amazing creative talent to get you towards your goal of becoming a midwife.............. Your clothes are beautiful by the way. X

Bonnie De Gros

Thanks :) I am not studying Midwifery yet, but hope to start in 2009. I was actually not much of a sewer when I began this Lone Moose endeavor just over a year ago, but I was new to NZ and new to motherhood and had no friends so I spent everyday sewing things for my bairn. It is amazing what you will pick up after 550 days of playing with a sewing machine! (I have made a few friends since then ;) And if Midwifery is in your 5 year plan, then you have started that ball rolling and it is only a matter of time before it gets there. Thanks heaps for your message! xx Bonnie

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