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Megan Rose

Hello! Yes, there are people reading!

Your to-do list is very impressive. I'll have to make sure that my husband never sees it because I've been promising to make him all sorts of things for about, oh, 4 years now.


I'm reading too!

Soooo impressed at your productivity. Superrrr mama!


Heart Felt

Yep...I'm still reading too - never fear - I'm always wanting to know what you have been up to. xx

Bonnie De Gros

Oh yay! Thanks for commenting. I think to-do lists always look impressive when they are not your own. And if you saw the state of the house, it shows what I have NOT been keeping up with. Poor Matt. He is such a good tidy-upper. Which reminds me, I need to go and throw in a load of washing. We are down to the uncomfortable undies. I hate those. I would burn them, but then I wouldn't have them to wear in instances like this!

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