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Heart Felt

Loved seeing your photos, Teo has grown up so much! I know you are really busy ~ but we are moving to the country.....you would love it! Hugs and kisses and you are just incredible with all that you are achieving ~ xxx


Wow your garden looks amazing!!! Don't know where you find the time... I am only half way through my pre-health science course and am blown away by how busy life is now. Handed my midwifery application in last month and am just keeping my fingers crossed that one of the 25 places will be mine. I'm sure you remember how it feels waiting to hear.... Loved your pre-coffee photo, I am very scary looking before my fist cuppa of the day, being English though it's gotta be tea!! Good luck with your hospital placement, have fun!! X

Bonnie De Gros

Thanks for your comments! And yes I do remember waiting to hear back about my application. I think I checked my mailbox four times a day... I felt like I was stalking the postie from my upstairs window. I wish you the best for that and hope you hear back soon!

I don't know where I find the time to do everything. I can tell you than my study does suffer a bit. But my garden is what keeps me going at the moment. Matt has a bike that he is working on so that is his little project. I think I would go crazy if I had nothing else on the side. My sewing is not happening at the moment and I am sad about that, but at least I have fresh veggies to pick! I am off to a lecture now... hope you have a good week. I will post more photos soon. XX

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pics were really amazing and wonderful.Thanks for sharing..

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