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And I feel ya on the stitches hatred. I cut mine out myself. ARGHHH. But I didn't realise the internal stitches weren't meant to be protruding from the incision so that got infected. YUCK. Still waiting for that to sort itself out. It's a bit lumpy. I'm just hoping it'll be alright.

Yay for the skateboarding!!


Bonnie De Gros

Yea, the sutures sure are not comfortable. Still a few days yet, but I will be taking them out over the weekend. Can't wait another week! By they way, it was 19 degrees + in Wellywood today, no wind, no clouds. Boo yah! Tomorrow is supposed to be another cracker of a day, and guess who happens to have the day off? xoxoxo

Heart Felt

Goodness, just look at your little man, Charlie called him a 'cool skateboard kid'. xx

Bonnie De Gros

He was rather pleased with himself, and his Dad was so stoked. We took him to the skatepark and after a bit of going back and forth while standing up, he sat down on the board and started sliding up and down the little ramps. It was SO funny. I must admit that it looked like heaps of fun...

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